Spring is here!

Spring is officially here and you can already smell the newness of the year.  Bud break is happening in the vineyards, snow is melting back home, birds are chasing bees, and bikers far and near are putting new tires on their two-wheelers.  Here in wine country, we are taking a deep breath of spring air to reflect on the year gone by.  
A lot has changed in a year.  We should all take a moment to think about the loved ones that we have lost over the past year and remember all of the contributions that they made to our lives.  Every par of our families affect who we become and what we do, and while it is always sad to part, we should remember to celebrate the moments that we had together, and to look fondly upon the loved ones that we still have to hold, be they up the road or thousands of miles away.  Raise a glass.