We're stocking up for summer!

Are you preparing for a barbeque, trip to the beach, or fancy function for you and your loved ones this season?  So are we.  Come and see the new things that we have to offer.

This summer, we will be putting together our first Chardonnay release after many months of waiting.  We've tried to find a good balance of crisp and buttery, of oak and acid; a fun and playful chardonnay that makes you smile when you sip it.  

We are thrilled to share with you that we have added wines from Lois Rae Wines, made by Mark Finver, to our Farmers' Market and we hope that you will try a nice sampler of Lois Rae alongside your Debra Michael's order.  Any order of 12 bottles or more comes with $2 shipping, so don't be shy, give us all a try.

We hope you are as excited for the summer as we are!  Cheers, and always remember to share with the ones you love!