We're stocking up for summer!

Are you preparing for a barbeque, trip to the beach, or fancy function for you and your loved ones this season?  So are we.  Come and see the new things that we have to offer.

This summer, we will be putting together our first Chardonnay release after many months of waiting.  We've tried to find a good balance of crisp and buttery, of oak and acid; a fun and playful chardonnay that makes you smile when you sip it.  

We are thrilled to share with you that we have added wines from Lois Rae Wines, made by Mark Finver, to our Farmers' Market and we hope that you will try a nice sampler of Lois Rae alongside your Debra Michael's order.  Any order of 12 bottles or more comes with $2 shipping, so don't be shy, give us all a try.

We hope you are as excited for the summer as we are!  Cheers, and always remember to share with the ones you love!


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Spring is here!

Spring is officially here and you can already smell the newness of the year.  Bud break is happening in the vineyards, snow is melting back home, birds are chasing bees, and bikers far and near are putting new tires on their two-wheelers.  Here in wine country, we are taking a deep breath of spring air to reflect on the year gone by.  
A lot has changed in a year.  We should all take a moment to think about the loved ones that we have lost over the past year and remember all of the contributions that they made to our lives.  Every par of our families affect who we become and what we do, and while it is always sad to part, we should remember to celebrate the moments that we had together, and to look fondly upon the loved ones that we still have to hold, be they up the road or thousands of miles away.  Raise a glass.


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It's Official - We are PRE-RELEASING the wine!

Debra Michael's Winery will be releasing its first vintages ––a 2014 Sauvignon Blanc and a 2013 Petite Sirah–– in a matter of days.  

TODAY, Sunday, February 14th, you can get an early-buyer break - PRE-RELEASE pricing for one week only. Yep, true love, just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Save 20% Today

To celebrate, this week only, we're passing along a 20% discount on each of our bottles for all advanced orders (minimum 2 bottle orders, must order before February 21).

We have less than 150 cases of our limited-lot wines, so you'll want to get 'em while we still got 'em. You can reserve your first taste of Debra Michael's starting today!

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The wine is in the bottle.

Hi everyone!

We bottled our first wine back in May! With the help of winemaker Robin Akhurst, cellar master Eric Misiewicz, and production manager Banyon Kirkendall, vinters Kevin Kyle and Matt Paterson were excited to produce 58 cases of our 2014 Calistoga Sauvignon Blanc.

As Erin Aragon from Envy Wines pointed out, it takes a village to produce something this spectacular here in wine country (or anywhere else). I want to take a second to thank that village:

Starting with Erin Aragon from Envy and Icarus Wines, I would also like to thank Travis Pollard from Paragon Label, Greg Guinn from Top Shelf Bottling LLC, Kevin Short from Tapp Label, label designer Robin Riedel, photographers Luke Floyd and Alysha Berrios-Strader, photographer and creative advisor Ava Ryan, Kimmy Yeager from All American Containers, Scott Webster and Mayra Alejandre from PortoCork, Rui Bastos from Bastos LLC, Rik De Lange from Caymus Vineyards and the Wagner Family of Wine, Fran and James from Wine Country Transit, Casey and Billy from Oenovaults and Southpoint Wine Storage, Kelly Johnson from Frye's Printing, photo models Veronica Solorio, Chelsea and Scott Waterbury, and Nell Worthem; and a huge thank you to Dan Blaine from Envy Wines for helping me extensively with the business setup process in spite of my occasional neurosis. Also a huge thank you to the cellar hands at Envy:  Derrek, Heath, Randy, and Sean for helping us with the finishing touches, and to web guru Shawn Altman for helping us get the web site off the ground.

We had originally expected to produce 64 cases of this Sauvignon Blanc, but we thought it best to fine the wine with Bentonite for heat stabilization. Heat stabilization is performed so that this wine will remain crisp and clear even if you or your delivery guy leaves it in a hot environment for a little while. The unfortunate side effect of this step is that we tend to lose 7% of the volume, however it can be a small price to pay to make sure that you enjoy every sip.

This blend of 25% Oak and 75% stainless steel fermented sauvignon blanc is best served chilled and pairs excellently with goat cheese, lemon and rosemary spices, and creamy pasta sauces. Enjoy by the pool, by the lake, on the sailboat or even in a glass at the bar after a hard day of work.

Thank you for all of the support as we get things off the ground!  There will be more to come.


Vintner | Negociant


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